SIKON INFRATEC PRIVATE LIMITED is headquartered at Bangalore, with its branches spread across India at 5 different locations, offering a broad range of heavy duty machinery catering to the Oil and Gas Industry.

On Board is Mr.Shibu Paul at the helm, highly proficient with decades of expertise in the Indian Oil and Gas Industry. Sikon Infratec with its competitive pricing strategy has managed to garner positive reviews in a short time. Customized manufacturing of machinery offered by Sikon is processed at ZLCONN, China. The dedicated team of technocrats works in tandem with the ZLCONN team to ensure that, only quality tested and certified machines with approved capacity are dispatched to the warehouse.

Sikon also guarantees after-sales support by trained engineers & technicians who undergo rigorous training at ZLCONN, thus building a long-standing relationship with all its clients. The company also provides onsite services to troubleshoot any issue across its product line, enabling the customers to complete their project on time without any hindrances or delays.

Additionally, we have set up Vaiga Constructions as a sister concern focusing on construction and infrastructure projects through this organization.