• PHPL 18" Gas Pipeline - Orissa and PHPL 16" Gas Pipeline - Andhra Pradesh

    Paradip Hyderabad pipeline is a 1st gas pipeline between 3 states Orissa, Andhra Pradesh & Telangala

  • HBPL 30" Crude Oil Pipeline - West Bengal

    Haldia Baromi pipeline between West Bengal, Jharkhand & Bihar. for refinery of crude oil to other petroleum products like Petrol, Diesel, kerosene etc

  • KKBMPL Projects at Kerala & Karnataka

    This is an oil and gas industry project with two states within South India connecting Kochi-Koottanad-Bengaluru-Mangalore PipeLine called as KKBMPL project. We aspire to support this project that aims to supply cheap and clean fuel to industries located within these states at an economical cost. The aim is to use energy grid pipelines to connect the major cities mentioned above and thereby encourage industrialization within the two states.

  • ETBPNMTPL projects at Chennai, TN

    ETBPNMTPL projects for M/s Indian Oil Corporation at Chennai, TN - This project aims to have natural gas pipelines set up between Ennore, Thiruvallur, Bengaluru, Puducherry, Nagapattinam, Madurai and Tuticorin and cover approximately 1170 km between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

  • CGD projects at Kochi, Kerala

    The City Gas Distribution project in Kochi has been focusing on laying pipelines to allow for liquified natural gas distribution within the state.